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Language: English
Runtime: 114 min
Audio: 2.1 Stereo
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Year: 2013
Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama
Starring: Ben Stiller, Kristen Wiig, Jon Daly
Director: Ben Stiller
Size: 815 mb
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Review: In Afghanistan, the snow covered Himalayas grizzled and world-wise Sean O'Connell Sean Penn looks on their coveted photo moment. Sean says that all he wants is to get to this point. Sean Penn bestowed gravitas in Ben Stiller bitter moment entrust mild mannered Walter Mitty, who literally travel to the ends of the earth to find old school Maverick legendary photographer. Be in the moment and be present in their lives - are eloquently poignant lyrics director Ben Stiller The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I loved James Thurber short story writer Steve Conrad bases its update. Walter is a chronic day dreamer, escape from daily life your. From time to time director Stiller and writer Conrad teeter erratically across the landscape including hysterical and touching narrative thread eHarmony. Granted The Zone Walters frame funny outs from reality. One obscure joke of Benjamin Button was almost enough to inconsistencies wacky spiral? Fortunately not. There are amazing upside. In scene skateboards Walter joyously liberating the winding roads of Iceland; Stuart Dryburgh spectacular filmed. Kristen Wiig in moving the puck goes unplugged with David Bowies Ground Control to Major Tom. Rifting curious think it is forgiven for his noble purposes. Secret Life of Walter Mitty celebrate being present in my life. No one is alone. Ben Stiller, navigation Walters quietly heroic transformation into the unknown. Blank stare out his Walter areas touching the depth of vulnerability their own. It's brave, funny, and aware. Walter Mitty (Stiller) is a negative Archiver Life Magazine photo. He gave up his dreams, leading to financial and emotional stress of his aging mother brilliantly played by Shirley MacLaine, who is about to enter a care home. Odessa is superficial wannabe actress sister (well, Kathryn Hahn), dreams of playing Rizzo in Grease. Walter joined eHarmony, so it can be dated Cheryl Melhof (Kristen Wiig), who works in the same office. Charms Wiig as Cheryl, quirky single mom of skateboarder son of a rich (Marcus Antturi). Cheryl is smart and pretty, and really interested in Walter, if he had no idea. Life magazine was taken over by another company. Go through the on-line magazine, Ted Hendricks (brilliantly arrogant Adam Scott) led to the restructuring of the corporate team. Ted is a big jerk? arrogant and not as smart as he thinks. Walter is the personal touch only cover legendary photographer Sean O'Connell (Penn). When the photo session for the cover of the latest issue negative life newspaper is missing, Ted focuses his attention on Walter. Sean maintains that this is his career best photo. Walter wants to find a missing negative to save his job, and maybe win Cheryl. Working with Cheryl, Walter begins his quest in Greenland. Somehow focused on Iceland, Cheryl Walter calls from Papa Johns Pizza there. It all ties in. Ben Stiller is inspiring, as Walter Mitty ever taken incredibly seriously. Movie joyfully celebrate life as depicted in beautiful soccer game with Walter and Sean in the Afghan mountains. Stiller makes us pull for Walter as he reclaims his power. Kristen Wiig is sympathetic as muse Walters gentle and funny. It was amazing. Sean Penn is awesome as Sean O'Connell, powerful and whimsical idea. Shirley MacLaine anchors in mother unconditional love for his son Walter, without many words. Patton Oswald almost steals the film as Todd, eHarmony profile consultant. Hot and hysterically punctuates Walters transformational journey. Stiller reminds us with humor and soul that life is beautiful when we are present in it. Secret Life of Walter Mitty is nice and funny.


April 14

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